1. Emotional intelligence is the key for building relationship in business (Only in Lithuanian language)

edita znutieneEdita Znutienė

Edita Znutiene has more than 16 years of experience in personnel management, she has worked in various sectors (sales, manufacturing, and services), Lithuanian and international companies (UAB „Avon Cosmetics“, UAB „Švyturys-Utenos Alus“, AB „SEB Bankas“). Currently Edita holds the position of Manager and HR partner in UAB “Partnership”.

Speaker will talk about the success at the work, which comes from relationships with colleagues, customers, managers and future partners.  In order to be more efficient and smarter in communication and networking, it is important to understand another person, and how to built a relationship with him. This workshop is designed to develop Your emotional intelligence (EQ) the ability to understand the importance of emotions in the organization, we will also learn how to recognize and manage ourselves and others emotions and to use the result. 

During the seminar we will go through:

  • Deeper self – awareness and confidence;
  • Effective communication;
  • Keeping valued connections.

2. Business style: the content of your closet and personal brand (Only in Lithuanian)

robert kalinkin photoRobertas Kalinkinas

Within the first 30 seconds we create and impression of a new person that we meet. Our image consists of mood, language and how we look. We have invited fashion designer and scenography designer Robertas Kalinkinas, who made popular instantaneous stores (pop-up shops) in Lithuania and who will hold private collection presentation in SIEMENS arena for the second time, to share his insights and experiences of creating a personalized image.

During the seminar, participants will talk about:

  • Personal style and professional image, creation of it
  • How to look attractive, stylish and reliable in business environment

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3. The Art of Networking – Be a Best Performer ( In English)

FilipeCarrera08Networking is one of the oldest activities of mankind; those who succeed at it are the leaders and best performers.

The trainer, Filipe Carrera, is an experienced networker in more than 50 countries, wrote the book Networking – Your Professional Survival Guide, available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Mongolian in more than 60 countries and will share how he manage to work in so many places. Funny thing, it all started in Lithuania!

Together with Filipe participants will go through the topics:

  • Using Networking to have professional and personal success.
  • How to transform a contact into a relationship.
  • 6 Degrees of separation
  • Networking Web 2.0 tools.

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