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Topic of the discussion: Importance of partnership, contacts, networking and turning it into relations in business and public sector.

Discussion will be held in English. Duration – 1 h 30 min.

Discussion panelists of the Day:

Lina-Daniene-2Discussion moderator – Ms. Lina Daniene
Ms. Lina has a background in communications, sustainability and education. Through her previous positions as Marketing and Communications Director at Kaunas University of Technology and Sustainability and Societal Affairs manager for Swedbank as well as various volunteering projects Lina has developed an extensive and diverse network of professionals from business, academia, governmental and non-governmental sectors. Lina is a co-founder of an initiative Who Needs it?! (www.kamtoreikia.lt) created to help business professionals connect with teachers and share their knowledge in schools. As a motivational speaker Lina talks in business events, schools and universities about leadership, the importance of communication and responsible business behaviour.


Discussion panelist – Mr. Nerijus Pacesa

Assoc. prof. dr. Nerijus Pacesa is the President of ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania. He is also a Board member of Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA), Knowledge Economy forum (KEF) and expert to the National Education Management bodies. Nerijus has more than ten years experience in leading the agency of Region development. He was published in 15 business and management publications.

Linas DicpetrisDiscussion panelist – Linas Dičpetris

Linas is an Advisory Partner in international company EY for the region of Central Southeast Europe. He has been leading for professional service teams already for 15 years. His personal goal aims to help clients, colleagues and communities to achieve change and realize their potential. Through wide local and international networks Linas succeeded to grow business, became a strong leader and trustful partner.

kristianKaasDiscussion panelist – Mr. Kristian Kaas Mortensen

Mr. Kristian Kaas Mortensen is a JCI Sostine Senator, he joined JCI in 1987 in his native Denmark. Now living in Lithuania since 2006 he is married to another JCI Senator, Laura Mortensen. Kristian in his work life is President of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance. Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance is an internationally recognized driver of best practice corporate governance development in the Baltic region. BICG delivers value to its stakeholders by promoting global competitiveness of Baltic companies through adoption of leading corporate governance practices.

Kristian will share networking tips and experience, including how he got Hillary Clinton to make a video for him, how he was travelling abroad with both the Lithuanian and Latvian Prime Ministers, and how he persuaded international business leaders to come to Lithuania to share their business experience with our leaders.

Lina-MDiscussion panelist – Mrs. Lina Morkunaite

Managing director, Board member, Konekesko Lietuva Ltd (Lithuania). Subsidiary of Konekesko Oy (Finland, www.kesko.fi, www.konekesko.fi), since 2001 in Lithuania. Specializes in sales of agricultural, construction, forest, road machinery and warehouse technology.

Supervisory board member, Konekesko Latvija Ltd. (Latvia); Subsidiary of Konekesko Oy (Finland);

Independent Board member, Tetas Ltd. (Lithuania).Owned by Lithuanian state companies Litgrid Ltd. (Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator).

Member, Senator, Association JCI (Junior chamber International); Global Network of young active citizens.

JCI provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Main projects in Lithuania: Stay in Lithuania – project against emigration; You can see a dream – mentorship project with visually impaired children; Colorful life   – project inviting citizens to paint and make their surroundings beautiful; Give a present – project with Red Cross that encourages citizens to deliver their clothes; Green project – project focusing on green issues, CSR and training of citizens.

FilipeCarrera08Discussion panelist – Mr. Filipe Carrera 

Filipe Carrera is an experienced networker in more than 50 countries, wrote the book Networking – Your Professional Survival Guide, available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Mongolian in more than 60 countries and will share how he manage to work in so many places. Funny thing, it all started in Lithuania!

New Image Discussion panelist  – Ms. Vija Valentukonytė

Communications and organisational development specialist, trainer and speaker.

Vija is passionate about people and possibilities, obsessed with communication, creative pursuits and excited about re-thinking the workplace and life experiences for different generations. Vija has work and training experience both in public and private sectors, has lived in five different countries and is passionate about communications as in how it changes people and behaviours. At the moment, Vija is Communications business partner at Barclays, helping leaders and organizations to become better communicators. She is very excited to the host the day of this convention.